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Airplane "Farman-4" now was reconstructed in St. Petersburg

Engineer, historian, and the pilot of ultralights from St. Petersburg, George Galli many years recreates the legendary
Henri Farman's historic airplane. On this aircraft early 20th century, learned to fly almost all the Russian pilots of the era the birth of aviation.

Аlmost all the famous Russian pilots made first flight on the plane "Farman-4":
E. V. Rudnev, P. N. Nesterov, Y.A. Ul'yanin, N. N. Danilevsky, E. N. Kruten, N. D . Kostin, L. V. Zvereva.
S. I. Utochkin flew throughout Russia and abroad.

To date, the aircraft almost ready. It has already participated in several exhibitions, and even "starred" in a feature film. Business for small - to choose the right engine and raise the "Farman-4" in the sky.

Now the airplane, "Farman-4" is on the exhibition at the Military-Historical Museum Of Artillery, Engineer And Signal corps.

Airplane "Farman-4" was reconstructed in St. Petersburg

Airplane "Farman-4" was reconstructed in St. Petersburg

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